Introducing A Kid Safety Band

A Kid Safety Band is the pioneering silicone wristband designed for children and other dependents. Parents customize their Kid Safety Band with the initials of their child along with their contact number(s). If your child wanders off, any law enforcement officer or good samaritan, can quickly identify the child's information and call you immediately!
You can also place your child's allergies and or medical conditions.
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Kid Safety Band Sample

 Why Kid Safety Bands?

Your Childs Safety. The goal of Kid Safety Bands is to help quickly reunite lost children with their families. If you ever become separated from your child, a mere five minutes can feel like an hour. With all the stress you and your child are experiencing, time is of the essence! That is why you need a Kid Safety Band, so your child will be reunited with you as soon as possible!
Parents: Leverage the power of silicone wristbands popularity to keep your children safe!


 What are Kid Safety Bands?

Kid Safety Bands are high quality 100% silicone wristbands just like the popular Livestrong™ wristbands. Only our wristbands are specifically designed for you to add your child's initials or If found please call and your cell phone number(s). Kid Safety Band / Universal Safety Band come in 3 sizes: x-small (6in), small (7in), and adult (8in). (x-small bands are for 3-5 year olds and small bands for 5-8 year olds)
Warning: CHOKING HAZARD: Not For Children Under 3.

 How much are Kid Safety Bands?

This is the most affordable way to keep your kids safe and most of all the kids will love it! Kid Safety Bands are only $10.00 each (FREE shipping in the USA). Medical ID bracelets can cost $80.00 and children complain the bracelets are uncomfortable. Order Now with PayPal


 Why do you need a Kid Safety Band?

We live in an unpredictable world. As parents, we have to be more vigilant and leery of strangers. Even then, kids wander; it's their nature. It only takes a few seconds and they're gone. It's estimated in the US, that 2100 kids under the age of 18 go missing everyday. That's staggering!
Parents must do everything they can to try and keep their kids safe.
You can also add your child's medical condition or allergy.
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